Capital Floor Coating provides an innovative way to transform the look of your garage. This state-of- the-art coating is easy to clean and maintain, enhances lighting, and leaves you free from worry about stains or spills. Plus, nothing will outshine or outlast this flooring! Our coatings are revolutionary. They are tested under heavy vehicle tires and are proven for long term performance and durability.

Capital Floor Coating uses the highest quality products that consist of proprietary-blends of 100% Solids Industrial Polymers. These industrial grade coatings not only protect the concrete from weathering, cracking, oil and other chemicals, but they are aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean and maintain. Capital Floor Coating combines the latest advanced technology with the company’s industry leading knowledge and experience. Many of the coating materials we use in our processes are low or zero VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) which will produce a superb resilience and longevity.

Our preparation methods are second to none. All floors are moisture content tested prior to determining the appropriate system. All concrete surfaces, whether old or new will be diamond grinded to remove contaminates and open up the pores of the concrete. Cracks, divots, pin holes, and joints will be repaired in the preparation process. Our Floors receive a primer coat, followed by a base coat, and then the selected floor finish is installed. Our coatings cure twice as hard as traditional materials, reaching full cure in 5-7 days depending on conditions. Best of all, Garage Floor Coatings are residentially warranted against delamination.